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 Rigodrum offers more than just drum lessons! We also provide general percussion lessons for any instrument. Whether you're here in Katy or elsewhere in West Houston, Rigodrum is your source for learning, improving, and mastering all things percussion. From drums to vibraphones, Rigo Collazo has decades of experience with a variety of percussion instruments and can help beginners and veterans alike become better, more well-rounded percussionists. 

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Why Take Percussion Lessons at Rigodrum?

Rigodrum has brought both experience and diversity of style to Katy. Rigo Collazo has experience in musical styles as broad as latin rock, reggae, ska, and jazz, and through private, one-on-one percussion lessons, he can help you develop mastery of any genre of music. Especially if you're just starting out, it's important to get excellent percussion coaching so that you avoid developing bad habits. For those with more experience, percussion lessons can be equally valuable -- you have to identify what you can improve upon in order to become a better musician!

Our percussion lessons offer:
  • One-on-one lessons in a variety for percussion instruments
  • Coaching in fundamental, intermediate, and advanced percussion
  • Simple scheduling so you can practice when you have time
  • Advice from someone with decades of professional experience

Get started with percussion lessons at Rigodrum and enjoy the best instruction available in Katy, Richmond, Cinco Ranch, and all of West Houston. Rigo Collazo has extensive experience in providing personalized, relevant lessons for beginners and veterans alike.

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With decades of experience both as a musician and as an instructor, Rigo Collazo can help you become a master at any percussion instrument quickly. Rigodrum offers flexible schedules, high-quality percussion lessons, and a comfortable atmosphere where you can learn with confidence. Join us in Katy for your first lesson and experience the Rigodrum difference!

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