Percussion Workshops in Houston

Learn More About Upcoming Percussion Workshops in Houston!

Rigodrum periodically hosts workshops or travels to offer percussion expertise at a variety of musical events. Some of these workshops may be located here in Houston, so make sure to keep up with upcoming drumming and percussion events in order to get the most out of your experience with Rigodrum!

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What Kind Of Workshops Will Rigodrum Attend?

The workshops that Rigodrum attends are often organized by a third party, but will always be focused on helping to build better musicians. By attending workshops with us, you'll learn more about diverse topics such as rhythm theory, hand percussion, and auxiliary percussion. Just ask us what events we'll be attending in the near future and clear your calendar so that you can get the full Rigodrum experience!

Through workshops and events, you'll:
  • Gain a broader understanding of percussion
  • Be introduced to new artists of all kinds
  • Learn about specific aspects of drumming
  • Meet like-minded musicians and mentors

The musical landscape is constantly evolving, and with such a diverse stylistic background, Rigodrum is a great place to be experimental. Whether your interest lies in jazz, reggae, rock, or latin music, Rigo Collazo can help you fine-tune your percussion skills.

Attend Rigodrum's Next Percussion Workshop!

Attending a percussion workshop is a unique experience. No two are ever the same, and you get the opportunity to learn from the insights of accomplished musicians. If you're serious about upgrading your musical ability, make it a priority to attend workshops and learn what you can from veteran percussionists!

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